About Elite Concierge


Elite Concierge was founded with one goal in mind, to maximize our client’s time in a cost effective and scalable manner.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, large business, busy professional or simply someone looking to spend more time with friends and family, our services are designed to enhance your productivity and your life.

Our Founder, Derek Colamaria, is a retired New York City Police Officer that spent his entire career on Staten Island. Also, he's a veteran of the United States Army and has over 22 years of public service. His adult life has been dedicated to serving his community, and it is from this notion of serving others that Elite Concierge was born.

Specializing in courier services, running errands, and more, our highly trained and professional staff is ready to cater to your every need.  Our suite of service solutions is second to none and our pricing model is the most competitive in the industry.

On the corporate side, we work with lawyers, doctors, accountants, banking professionals and small business owners servicing their courier, delivery, and corporate event needs.

With regard to individuals, we've found that post office delivery, personal shopping, pet sitting, floral arrangement discounts, and other basic errand services give our clients more time to focus on the things that matter most to them in life by giving them more free time.

Elite Concierge will work with you for one task, or on an entire suite of tasks.  The choice is yours. With services starting at just $11 for one errand, you have nothing to lose and valuable time to gain.  We invite you to purchase one errand or a package of errands online and try us today.   

Don't forget about our Refer a Friend Program.  Receive one free errand for every new client that uses your name as their referral. 

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